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day 3K31: Zero Click Remote Exploit

“And don’t let us yield to temptation, but rescue us from the evil one.”

Apparently, we never know it is happening.  This latest spyware that infects our phones and computers is called Zero Click Remote Exploit.  And, it isn’t just utilized by the bad guys.  Governments use it to track down terrorists and criminals.  But criminals can use it too.  Without us even knowing, one of the spywares called Pegasus can record our emails, texts, voice messages, videos, pictures, etc.  That’s pretty frightening, even if we have nothing to hide (which is how I tend to rationalize that my phone, Siri, Alexa, Google home all are likely listening all the time).  But, we know enough now about how technology advances that what might have once been used for purposes of good find their way into a business environment and then that same technology gets put to use for exploitation of our data to market and sell to us.  So, it’s best that we stay aware and educated about these new technologies so that we don’t get caught unaware.

Temptation feels to me like Zero Click Remote Exploit.  It is always there but doesn’t show up until we are most vulnerable and then once we fall for it, it wreaks havoc as it invades and effects all parts of our lives.  And, these temptations can carry themselves into our workplace and cause major harm there too.  I’m thinking that as we start this work week that we might want to run a check on ourselves to be sure that we aren’t falling prey to something that could cause us real problems.  Let’s not show up today with animosities, grudges, anger, discontent, greed, jealousy, divisiveness, etc.. These are the things that too easily, and so invisibly, corrupt us.

Reference:  Matthew 6:13 (New Living Translation)