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day 1281: While Not Everything, Timing Matters!

“But when the right time came, God sent his Son, born of a woman, subject to the law.”

I was lunching in Los Angeles last week with someone who said to me, “Gosh, if you guys were doing SNOCAP now, you’d be sitting pretty.”  SNOCAP was the company I ran from 2005- 2008 that was yes, ahead of its’ time.  And yes, this former music attorney was right; if we were now running that company it would be very important in the scheme of what is happening right now within the industry.  But, this is 2013, not 2008 and indeed timing made a difference. From my business experience, it is easy to be late, a lot harder to be early and really difficult to be right on time. But, that is what we have to strive to do with our products and services.  Business ideas that come too late are worthless.  Those that come too early are expensive and ignored.  Those that come just at the right time when the market is accepting and ready, well, those are the ones that we remember.  Each of us likely have something we are considering “rolling out”, either externally, or even internally.  The question we must ponder and be able to answer, is this the right timing?  It’s not easy to answer, but it is a question that must be answered and addressed honestly and boldly. Otherwise, we might be setting ourselves up for disappointment and/or failure.

There is no way we can know why God chose a little over 2000 years ago to send Jesus.  Nor can we know when His timing will be for Jesus to return to the earth.  What we can know and be assured of is that God has something the rest of us only wish we could always have; perfect timing.  The world waited for Jesus to appear the first time, but that timing left an indelible mark on the world.  We are waiting again, and it will happen and and when it does, the timing will again be perfect.  We just have to be willing to wait on perfection.  Think about it this way, God has unlimited patience for us so why can’t we have patience for Him?  We like to try and rush or delay God’s timing. We are guilty of both. But instead, we sometimes need to sit in His timing to understand and realize His perfect ways.  We are anticipating and waiting for Christmas.  Let’s take these last few days of the year and lean into God’s timing in our lives. Let’s wait when we feel called to do so.  Let’s act when the call comes to act.  Let’s, without doubt, live into His timing for us.

Reference: Galatians 4:4 (New Living Translation(