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day 2539: Bold Moves – Part 9: Reconciling First

“…Go and be reconciled to that person. Then come and offer your sacrifice to God.”

Fast Company Magazine recently ran an article about 10 CEO moves that changed business. We can learn from each of them.

When someone gets hurt because of what we do in business, it is a higher standard that must be held.  Whether it is when someone is injured on the job, or a customer is hurt in one of our locations, or worse yet, our product or service causes someone harm.  The typical response we might have is the one the lawyers give us; be quite and let this work its way through the legal system.  There is wisdom in that advice, but it never quite feels right.  In 2014, General Motors had a safety crisis and instead of waiting for the lawsuits to drag through the system, newly appointed CEO, Mary Barra, decided that GM would be proactive and go ahead and compensate those who had been injured.  Will it set a new standard?  I doubt that everyone will feel that same level of concern and care, but for GM, it now sets them apart.

We are to be quick in both forgiving and making right what we have done wrong. We can wait and see how things play out or we can follow our teachings and make things right before we are told to do so.  Today, we will likely hurt someone (let’s hope not physically) and we will need to make it right. Let’s always be on the side of making things right and reconciling first!

Reference: Matthew 5:24 (New Living Translation)