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day 1501: The Morning After

“Don’t put your confidence in powerful people; there is no help for you there.”

It’s the day after the U.S. midterm elections.  I am writing and posting this prior to the polls being closed, so I don’t know who wins, loses, stays in power or majority, or loses that position.  But, here is what I do know. There will be some very happy people and there will be some very unhappy people.  Yes, there will still be some people who will feel “meh”, but we seem to be more today in either one far camp, or the other.  But, what we can and should remember is that we can’t ever put our full faith and confidence in people, as they will always let us down. And yes, sometimes those people are us.  This is not just about politics. This is about our businesses.  This is about our organizations.  So, what are we to do with this?  We should remember that up and down in our institutions the confidence in people is fragile and should never be counted on.

There is only place we can put our full faith and confidence.  We know where that is and He never has to stand for reelection!

Reference:  Psalm 146:3 (New Living Translation)