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day 2794: Same Storm…Different Boat

“Suddenly, a fierce storm struck the lake, with waves breaking into the boat. But Jesus was sleeping.

A few weeks ago we interviewed Author and Pastor, Jeff Henderson on the Faith Driven Entrepreneur Podcast. Within the interview, which was filled with many great thoughts and insights, came one statement that has come back to me a number of times since.  Jeff said, “We are all in same storm, just with different boats”.  Yes, we are indeed and it is that way through any crisis or situation.  There are those who always have bigger, sturdier, and stronger boats and there are those who are in the storm with maybe nothing more than a lifeboat.  With every corporate downturn, either with an individual company or a collective fall out, we see this.  What we never know is when and how rough the storm will be, but we do know that a storm will always come.  We are in a bad one now and we are getting battered around pretty badly, but we can float, and we will until this storm passes and we can begin preparing for the next one.

I want to point out that during one of the worst storms of the Bible (well that Genesis one takes the cake), we find Jesus sleeping through it all.  What does that tell us?  It says that if we are on the boat with Jesus, there isn’t any reason to worry for the long haul. If Jesus can sleep through it, we can rest assured.  He has all of what is happening within His will and no matter what we do, His will, will be done.  So, let’s try this weekend, as hard as it may be, to rest in that promise.

Reference: Matthew 8:24 (New Living Translation)