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day 2890: Somethings…We Just Aren’t Ready For

“They will do it here to avoid carrying the sacrifices through the outer courtyard and endangering the people by transmitting holiness to them.”

I remember once being told by my boss, “You just aren’t ready for that yet”.  I was not happy with his conclusion but I had no other choice but to accept it, learn from it, and be sure that next time, I’d be ready.  I’m watching this same conclusion play out with a number of people who are reaching for positions that there is no way they are ready for, but no one is telling them this truth.  And as they hit wall after wall, they are losing confidence in themselves and their abilities.  In one case, I intervened.  I’d seen enough that I felt I could speak into this person’s qualifications and self-evaluation.  It was not an easy conversation for me as I prefer to be the person who encourages and builds another up in their career and self-estimations, but in this case, I felt I had the responsibility to assist in a different way.  At the end, I’m not sure the message was all that well received, as reality isn’t always, but I know that if heeded, my advice will lead to a better result now, for a brighter future soon.

There is lots in life we aren’t ready for and there is nothing more clear in this regard than in our readiness to totally understand God and His plans for us.  God’s truth is full out Holiness  It is pure.  But, it is also searing and purifying.  I’d love to know what God has in store for me, but it is likely that if revealed fully it would be a bit like the line from a “A Few Good Men” when Jack Nicholson tells the character played by Tom Cruise, “You can’t handle the truth!”  No, we are not meant to know it all on this earth and while we desperately would like to, God holds back what we can’t handle and reveals what we can.  It’s a nice assurance to know this to be true.

Reference:  Ezekiel 46:20 (New Living Translation)