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day 1188: One Thing

“You must not have any other god but me.”

I watch the smartphone category with much interest and intrigue. What I find most fascinating is that the market remains bifurcated along the lines of work and personal interactions and no one has figured out how to blend those two so that the working person actually isn’t caught in between.  RIM (makers of the Blackberry) owned the working market. They had, and have, the support of the security people inside of corporations and government.  The President of the U.S. carries a Blackberry, so it’s proven that they have the security advantage.  Unfortunately, they don’t have an application economy and marketplace, so that means that a business person can’t access those fun apps that others can, and really, just because we are at work doesn’t mean that we can’t and don’t need a little fun at the same time.  They have tried to blend the two together by allowing us to have two firewalls but that still isn’t enough to make them unique above all others.  The one thing that Blackberry has going for it, that all other other smartphones have abandoned is, the raised tile qwerty keyboard.  Business is about speed and accuracy.  As we all know who are sitting in front of a keyboard right now, a raised tile keyboard is the only way to ensure both.  Yet, I never see RIM featuring this, what is now their unique feature.  In each of out businesses we have one thing that the other doesn’t.  Do we know what it is?  Are we bold and courageous enough to bring it forward and market, sell and stand behind it? That one thing may be the one thing that takes you to number one!

It is clear what our one thing must be and that is our full belief and following of God.  As early as it gets God laid out that commandment to us and told us to not put any other god before Him.  No, of course we don’t walk around talking about our other gods that we worship, but as we all know it is easier than we like for other gods to find their way into our lives and move up in our priorities.  We have to be careful and always on the watch that we keep our focus and commitment to God first and all else second.  Work, our jobs, our careers can become our god if we are not careful.  Let’s start this week with ensuring that we have our one thing clear and firmly in the forefront of our lives.

Reference: Exodus 20:3 (New Living Translation)