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day 288: Coaching

Coaching in the workplace is being talked about again. In the last few months I have been approached to be a coach, been asked about coaching programs, and asked to recommend coaches. What I believe is happening is that the cutback in internal leadership development and human resources support is catching up with companies and executives are looking around and realizing that they they need to have their people developed and coached, but have no where to turn. Everyone could use a good coach. There are no great athletes who succeed that do not credit a coach along the way as part of how they reached their best performance. I would also venture to say that many of us have found our informal coaches as well. These are the people who we lean on to give us advice, shoot straight with us and be a sounding board when we don’t have anywhere else to turn. The unfortunate part is that these people don’t always have the opportunity to see us live in action, everyday, and be on the sidelines to “coach us along” as we work. That is the added value of having a formal coach. Even one of the greatest men of the Bible had to have, in the ways of the time, a coach. When Moses pushed back on God and told Him that he did not have the skills to approach Pharaoh and represent the Israelites, God gave him his brother Aaron to be there for him. And in this case, Moses and Aaron coached each other and together the two of them performed to God’s request. What it must have been like to have been in those pre-Pharaoh meetings and having Moses and Aaron setting their strategy and plans and coaching each other on how best to convince Pharaoh to set the Israelites free. And then having God in the conversation too, well, wow!. This all begs the question of who do we have in our work lives who could be our coach to help us through the struggles of living and working our purpose in our jobs? Is there someone who you work with who shares your beliefs where the two of you, or maybe even more, commit to coach each other and to take the accountability to make each stronger and more capable as role models and examples of the life and ways of Christ? Now may be the right time for you to find that coach and to be commit to being a coach for someone else.

Reference: Exodus 4:27-31 (New Living Testament)