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day 1334: Here Today…Gone Today!

“And this is what God has testified: He has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.”

It caught my attention that the SAC Capital Advisor trader, Mathew Martoma, who was convicted of insider trading, had his MBA from Stanford rejected. He had earned that degree in 2003, but Stanford has now taken that degree back.  I actually didn’t know that a university could do that, but it makes sense to me.  By breaking the trading laws, Martoma proved that his education didn’t sink in and he never learned the lessons taught.  I suspect he is learning his lesson now.  This is a stark reminder that what we think we have today, can be taken away from us tomorrow if we don’t respect and honor that with which we know and keep in trust. A brand’s reputation can be tarnished forever if we don’t care for it and cherish it closely. An employee that we need, can can leave at a moment’s notice because we overstepped our boundaries and didn’t do all we could to keep them happy.  A partner won’t  renew because we didn’t treat them like a real partner. A customer never comes back after the salesperson refused to truly listen to them. The old adage is, “Here today, gone tomorrow”.  In today’s world, it’s more like, “Here today, gone today”.

Thankfully, “Here today, gone today”, is not God’s way.  His way is “Here today, here eternally”. That is, if we believe in Him with all our heart, mind and soul. God asks us to give all of ourselves to Him and in return He will do the same with us.  As we close this workweek, let’s reflect on how, where and when have we given our all and where have we instead, held back from Him? The things of this world are so temporal.  Whether it be jobs, relationships, activities, health, interests, and what feels ordinary around us. To stay on solid footing and to be who God wants us to be for Him, we need to prioritize less those things that are only here today, and instead focus more on those things that are here forever.

Reference:  1 John 5:11 (New Living Translation)