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day 1228: Premier League Time

“For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven…”

It’s only taken 30 plus years but in the last year, we now can watch The Premier League soccer (football) on national U.S. broadcast television.  We all saw it coming as soccer became the most played sport by kids.  But, the demographic changes that could only take time to grow up and become viewers and consumers who could through their buying patterns and power create advertising pull and viewership.  And now, we have to ask, what next?  Could we see finally the development of a U.S. based Major League Soccer League that would someday rival The Premier League?  Sure we could.  Demographic shifts sometimes feel like boiling a frog, but then one day it seems so obvious.  There is great value in spending time projecting forward and trying to align to the shifts, pulls, pushes and all that comes with them.  Sure, we might be wrong more often than not, but wouldn’t we rather be wrong because we thought about it, not because we ended up flat-footed, surprised and late.

As we grow older in our spiritual age, we have to consider what and how we will feel if one day wake and find that we missed out on the years that we could have been getting closer and closer to Him, telling others about what has happened in our own lives, and living out the example of Christ to others.  In somethings, we should not wait. As we go start today, let’s consider what it is that we can be offering to others, that they have been waiting for someone to deliver?  Today, it might just be you that they are waiting.

Reference: Ecclesiastes 3:1 (New Living Translation)