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day 915: Breakage

“… He will neither fail you nor abandon you.”
In business there is a term; “breakage”.  In most businesses breakage is a bad thing.  It means that what was supposed to have been in the business ends up disappearing.  In retail the product that comes in the back door never makes it past the cash register, but instead ends up walking out the door being unaccounted.  In other businesses, breakage is counted on to making the business model work.  Subscription models are built this way. Health clubs are a prime example. If all of their members showed up everyday they wouldn’t have nearly enough room to accommodate everyone.  They probably couldn’t handle it if even half showed up.  The same breakage works for any digital subscription service.  Spotify, Rhapsody, etc. all count on more subscribers as they couldn’t afford all of the royalties if everyone was using the service to their maximum.  Insurance companies are built on the principle of breakage.  It’s all good until lots of claims come in. Yep, breakage…it’s like fire.  As a new friend said to me, “Fire can either burn down the house or warm it up”.  We each need to look at the breakage points in our businesses to see which is the advantage and which is a danger.
We don’t have breakage in our faith.  God doesn’t ever fail us nor does He leave us without His saving grace.  While it may be that we feel like there is breakage all around us and that we can’t hold onto what we have or can’t take advantage of what we have been given, that is not the feeling that God wants us to be filled.Instead, He challenges us to find the positives and to make something extraordinary of problems or things that are being taken away.  A thought for us today would be what is the breakage that we are experiencing in our lives and in our work and how are we using both what we are given, and what we are losing, so that we always bring glory to Him through what we do each day. Let’s take the concept of breakage seriously to make our lives the examples that can move the Kingdom forward.
Reference: Deuteronomy 31:6 (New Living Translation)