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day 2422: Borrowing

“…”The Lord needs it and will return it soon.””

Of course there are times when borrowing makes the most sense. Businesses that don’t understand the power of leverage and utilize borrowing smartly, miss out.  However, borrowing can become both a crutch and an addiction that must be tamed less the business becomes overextended and then we can’t find a way back.  There is always someone out there who wants to give us money, but at what cost?  Cash flow driven businesses can be most vulnerable as that piece of plastic in the pocket tempts us to get on the revolving credit merry-go-round and if not careful, the monthly interest takes over.  Sure, always consider borrowing as a strategy, but when borrowing turns from strategy into a “fix”, beware.

Jesus sends two of His disciples ahead of Him to borrow a colt (likely a donkey).  He instructs the disciples to tell the owner or anyone who asks, that the Lord needs and will return it soon.  What struck me as I reread this passage was first, the borrowing of the donkey was already thought out and had become a part of the plan (prophesy) and second, that Jesus provided the commitment that the colt would be returned.  Why is this important as we start another day purposeful to bring glory to God in our work?  Consider that today God is asking to borrow us to be the vehicle for Him to be transported to those who don’t know Him.  And then, best of all, know that when He is finished with us, that He promises to return us back to where we began, and that is to Him.

Reference: Mark 11:3 (New Living Translation)