day 27: Know It Alls

The last two days have been about creating harmony at work and what our responsibility is in making that happen. One way we can create disharmony is when we get on the wrong side of others because we think we know better, or worse yet, because we think we “know it all”. Work is funny that way because most of the reward mechanisms are geared to always be ready to have an answer and if you don’t know it all then there must be a problem. It is a hard thing at work to say, “I don’t know”. But, as we all know a “know it all” person gets pretty hard to deal with over time. Before long, there is no debate to be had with them and the “know it all” turns into the “always right”. “Know it alls” also come across as having lots of ego and priding themselves over others. Romans 12:16 completes itself with Paul saying, “…And don’t think you know it all”. Paul understood that people who try and prove that know everything there is about anything and try to act intellectually superior will not be the people that others admire, look up to, or want to follow. This would not be a good way to be as an example of a follower of Jesus. If we are live in harmony as Paul has challenged us to do, then we need to check our egos and smarts at the door and recognize that others may have the answer too and that if we listen to them we will learn things we don’t already truly know. Today, there will likely be a circumstance where you can either listen and let others express their position and thoughts or you can butt in and be the “know it all”. When that challenge comes, see if you can hold back and then see if things don’t feel more harmonious around you. You just might be surprised how it feels different.

Reference: Romans 12:16 (New Living Testament)