day 90: Rescue Plans, part 2 – Finish The Job!

The story in Zechariah of how God fixed dire economic issues with His version of a rescue plan and stimulus package, is a great story. God tells the people to go to work to rebuild the Temple and that He will take care of all the rest. I love the way that God gives us tasks and that when we put our hands to work that He gives us ways to work through and find resolution to small and big issues. In this instance it was a very big issue as there were no jobs or wages for people or animals. Within the story there is a lesson that God also reveals. In verse 9 of Chapter 8 it reads: “This is what the Lord Almighty says; take heart and finish the task!” Throughout the Bible we are told to be good finishers and to be a completer in what we do. But in this instance God directly places direction over the work of hands, minds and limbs. We are to finish the work we start and we are to do so with full vigor and energy; we are to “take heart”. Being a strong finisher and not stopping, not giving up until we have completed is a trait that we see throughout the role models and examples for our lives. The greatest example is that of our Lord whose journey through His human life was not complete until He said, “It is finished”. We are called upon each and every day in our lives and work to complete and finish something. We make those choices daily and set examples for others who are watching. Think long and hard today about those tasks that are before you and ask yourself, “are you taking heart to finish the tasks that you have”? God provided an outpouring and blessing for the Israelites as they got back to work to rebuild the temple. He will do the same for us if we finish well the work he has given us each to do.

Reference: Zechariah 8:9-13 (New Living Testament)