day 174: Lost Time

Career decisions are hard. Do we take a new job? Do we stay in the ones we have? Do we relocate for the company we work for or stay put and miss the promotion? Do we hold onto the job we have even though we don’t like it because with the way the market is today we don’t want to take a chance that we might be going to a company that would be laying off soon? Even in the best of times when there were lots of opportunities, career decisions were hard. And we have all been in some job sometime where we feel like we are wasting our time with frustration and stagnation. In today’s job market I see and talk to many who feel this way. They are sitting in jobs where they aren’t happy but they feel stuck and they wonder what this is going to do to their careers. Others are taking any job they can get regardless of title or salary and their resumes are now showing regression versus progression and this is causing much concern and consternation. I feel led to speak to those of you who are in these points in your career where you feel like the time is being taken from you and that the best years of your career may be wasting away from you. God gives us a word for this in the book of Joel as he describes the last days. The Lord says, “I will give you back what you lost
to the swarming locusts, the hopping locusts, the stripping locusts, and the cutting locusts. It was I who sent this great destroying army against you.” Of course, what we are going through in our careers is not anywhere to the magnitude of that God says the end days will look like, but the promise is the same. If we stay true in our Faith and dependence on Him, any situation where we feel like the days, months, or years are being stripped and taken from us, He will restore them and do so in a way, where I believe, we will look over our shoulder into our memory and remember those times as growing and learning periods in our lives. Today, if you are feeling lost, trapped or stripped down in your job, take the problem to God. Ask Him to come to work with you today and to open your eyes and mind to what you should do next and then trust fully that He will become the best career counselor that you could ever imagine. He will!

Reference: Joel 2:25 (New Living Testament)