day 70: Troublemakers

Some people just love to stir the pot and cause trouble. When they cause trouble they get some satisfaction out of being the one that got everyone up in arms and excited, disturbed, and anxious. Sometimes the motives can seem malicious but I think that at work, more often than not, it is more about getting attention and creating a fracas that they might end up being the person to fix it or save the day. And, it’s not always big things. It can be the smallest of words whispered as gossip or a rumor that sets the building on fire. Any of us can end up being on the receiving end of the news and of course, that ruins anyones day. I once worked with someone who was like this. I don’t think he was mean-spirited, but at the end of the day, he caused lots and lots of trouble and over time he was found out and people became very careful and leery of him. Before too long he had to have felt very alone. That is no way to live or work. The wise and challenged man, Job, gave us words for troublemakers. He says in Job 4:8: “My experience shows that those who plant trouble and cultivate evil will harvest the same.” This is not to be wished upon anyone, but it is a fair warning that if we find ourselves being one who starts to stir the pot, pass a rumor, get in the midst of gossip, create trouble for the sake of creating trouble or just participating in the trouble, that we can expect not such good things in return. My experience has shown me that these are things that creep up on us. We may not in any way think that we are creating trouble, but by just not thinking before we act or allowing someone else we associate with to get a little further out there than they should, that we all of a sudden are swept into something that we wished we had stayed far from. So, we are to be cautious and cognizant of our actions and we are to be vigilant to keep out of trouble’s way. And, of course, no one likes a troublemaker.

Reference: Job 4:8 (NLT)