day 278: Girl Scout Cookies

While I am on vacation, I have asked friends, and encouragers of Purposed worKING to contribute. Today’s post comes from Jason Johnson, an entrepreneur, technology executive and Chairman of Tedx San Francisco

Typically we spend more of our waking hours with our coworkers than we do with our family or close friends. Then, suddenly, either a coworker leaves the company or we leave the company, and our interaction with our coworkers is reduced to an occasional phone call, email, or maybe a cup of coffee. The opportunity to spend frequent hours with our coworkers is lost, and so is the opportunity to ‘give’ of ourselves. In years past, a coworker might approach me and ask me to buy Girl Scout cookies or donate to a cause they are raising money for. At such times, I might find myself saying “sorry, I’m training for a triathlon, no cookies for me” or “sorry, I’ve already agreed to sponsor Kevin in accounting”. Then a few years back, I heard a sermon on the radio from Jack Hayford in which he stated that when someone asks him for something – in his desire to follow the teachings of Jesus, Hayford seeks to give at every opportunity. When reflecting back to my former places of employment, I can’t help but think of lost opportunities ‘to give freely’ to my coworkers and show them that I celebrate (and demonstrate) my recognition of the blessings bestowed upon me through the action of giving freely. Hopefully by way of the new social media tools, we may all have the opportunity to connect with some of our former coworkers, and be given the chance once more, to ‘give freely’ to those who need to know where all blessings come from.

Reference: Matthew 10:8 (New Living Testament) “Give as freely as you have received!”