day 112: Walking With Wolves

Have you ever walked into a meeting feeling like you are about to be fed to the wolves? You know that what you are going to present or talk about is of enough consequence that there is controversy in the room and even though you have tried as hard as you can to round up support from everyone involved, you know you are about to face those who disagree and are relishing the fight? I hate that feeling. It’s the same feeling we get when we know we have to stand up to our boss for something that she/he disagrees. That knot inside of us, down deep in the solar-plexis just tightens and tightens until you almost can’t stand it anymore. This is when we need to remember and know that we are not alone in our struggles and challenges. God allows each of us to be in these trying places so that we can rise to the occasion, lead by example, and respond to others in Christ-like ways. He doesn’t say that we will always win the decision or that we have some supernatural power to influence others. He just gives us the internal power and courage (if we draw upon them) to maneuver through these situations in a way where His will can be done and we can be a part of His plan. In Matthew 10:16 Jesus speaks to his disciples, preparing them for what the real world is going to be. In verse 16 He says, “Look, I am sending out out as sheep among wolves.” There’s a not so comforting verse, huh? Jesus wasn’t trying to scare them, He was telling them the way it is and the way it is going to be so that they and we are ready and prepared for the attacks that come in life. He later goes on in verse 28 to tell them to not be afraid and to have courage for no matter what happens no one can kill their souls. Ironically, I also see something else in the metaphor of the wolves and the sheep. We are God’s sheep and there are others who are wolves. What can be more attractive, interesting, or compelling than a sheep to a wolf? A pack of wolves doing what they do, will all stop and take notice when a sheep is nearby. They cannot help themselves but to turn all attention to even one sheep. Today as we walk into the wolf pack, we can know that we are the center of attention. It will feel dangerous and frightening, but we have God on our side and when we are right smack in the middle of the pack, we are right where God sent us to be. It is then that we get to decide how we will handle the situation and the kind of God’s sheep we will be. I pray that we all will be strong and courageous and be the model that God wants and asks us to be for Him.

Reference: Matthew 10:16 (New Living Testament)