day 3K315: The Ripple Effect

“So the message about the Lord spread widely and had a powerful effect.”

A fascinating study (and a big one) of one million workers tells of what the impact is on others when an employee leaves their employment .  No surprise that when a low performer leaves, most others see that as a relief.  But, if the low performer is allowed to stay, that can drive away higher performers who feel the other person isn’t pulling their weight.  When high performers voluntarily leave for something better it also can spur others to consider their options too.  The worst is when high performers are let go involuntarily, and especially through layoffs.  When that happens then everyone thinks it could happen to them too and they leave to make sure they aren’t caught up in the next layoff scenario.  Yes, there is a ripple effect of turnover and if we don’t recognize and watch it closely we could end up with unexpected turnover of good people, which we definitely don’t want.

God will never lay us off from the workings of His Kingdom, but we always run the risk of being a quitter on the work He has for us to do.  We likely don’t loudly quit (as proclaim we are done with God), we more quietly quit and slip away, thinking no one will notice.  But, they do and the ripple effect can happen here too.  We once were on fire for the Lord but then the flame dimmed and flickered. Those who were so engaged and energized because we were will begin to wane as well.  It’s hard sometimes because none of us can be totally on at all times, but with His help we can strive to be a positive ripple for those around us.

Reference: Acts 19:20 (New Living Translation)