day 523: “Once In A LifeTime”

We are experiencing “baseball fever” here in the By Area. The San Francisco Giants are in the World Series and are playing their hearts out, and winning (I write this will respect to my Texas readers who are cheering for their Rangers). Every office water cooler group here is talking about the Giants. Orange is the color of the season. Every where you go there is a reference about the Giants. Last night’s game was one for the record books and as I listened to one of the post game radio shows, the host remarked, “this game was a once in lifetime game”. “Once in a lifetime”, is a phrase that gets bantered around when sports teams are playing in post-season championships or when we get a chance to go see something remarkable or unique by way of travel or experience. I am sometimes marveled by the number of times we hear that saying; “once in a lifetime”. Why I am struck by it is that we should actually be saying it every day, all day long because each thing we do, no matter how routine or mundane is also “once in a lifetime.” Even the assembly line worker who pushes the same button all day long could, if he/she so chose, determine that each time the button was pushed it is a once in a lifetime moment because no two times will that person be thinking the same thoughts, or the environment around them be exactly the same, or can they as a person (who is aging and changing) be exactly the same in two different moments of time. So, each and every day at work and out of work is filled with “once in a lifetime” moments. Then the question is what do we do with these days and times to make them important and memorable. David gives us some insight into this in Psalm 72:18 as he writes of the end of his lifetime; “Now that I am old and gray, do not abandon me, O God. Let me proclaim your power to this new generation, your mighty miracles to all who come after me.” David never wanted to let a moment go by that he was not bringing glory to God. As we go through a day of our own once in a lifetimes, let us observe and be aware of how we are making the most of this time. Let us be an example and model to others so that each and every day that we walk with our Lord and allow Him to be our purpose, that we are making the most of our own “once in a lifetime” opportunities.

Reference: Psalm 71:18 (New Living Testament)