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day 2251: Sun Showers

“Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven, surrounded by a cloud, with a rainbow over his head. His face shone like the sun…”

I read an interesting little article by Joanna Klein about “Sun Showers”.  She describes that when the sun is shining at the same it is raining as this being a “magical weather paradox”. She goes on to explain a Sun Shower as this: “Often you’ll spot them when the atmosphere around you is, in meteorological terms, unstable — which is more likely during the spring and summer in many parts of the world. In this condition, temperature variations encourage columns of air to move vertically, rising rapidly in some places and sinking in others. In the rising columns, the air cools, condensing moisture within it and allowing clouds and showers to develop. But the air in the sinking columns suppresses clouds, creating areas of clear skies between showers — and the possibility of sun showers.”

This got me thinking about how in business even when the sun is shining brightly with growth, expansion, positive developments, etc. that we can daily be beset with rain showers of disagreement, disgruntlement, anger, greed, resentment and jealousy, to name just a few.  These are all normal, but they seem way more obvious and pronounced when the sun is shining so brightly. And that is what being able to put things into context is all about.  There is never a perfect year, month, week or day.  Yes, a “sun shower” should always be expected.

Let’s look at how God has set up our lives. He gave us His Son to light our lives with love, grace, mercy and salvation. And then at the same time, we have been given free will and have a sinful nature, creating our own version of rain showers in the midst of God’s shining light in our lives.  So, yes, we are susceptible to our own “sun showers”.  So let’s do our best today to see something beautiful in all of this – wow, maybe we can even see a rainbow!

Reference: Revelation 10:1