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day 2355: Attention Grabbing

This is amazing,” Moses said to himself. “Why isn’t that bush burning up? I must go see it.”

We are in the heart of Trade Show season.  The fist five months of the year are when the trade shows fill convention centers all across the country.  Las Vegas and the warmer climate cities clean up this time of year.  Trade Shows are a funny thing.  As a friend said to me recently, “You can’t afford to go to them and you can’t afford to not go to them”.  I personally find them overwhelming.  I’ve been to many,  both on the floor and behind a booth and invariably, everyone is looking to create the buzz or looking for who has the buzz.  And that is what attention grabbing is all about.  We want to grab the attention of potential customers and we want our attention grabbed.  We all love to tell someone else about what we saw that they didn’t.  So, we must always be questioning ourselves in what are we doing that can capture the attention of customers, consumers, potential employees, analysts, etc.? After all, we do operate within an attention economy where every moment can have value.

So, Moses is on the mountain and he looks over at a burning bush.  For me, that would grab my attention, unless everything else around is on fire and then I wouldn’t be hanging around.  But, then this one bush that he sees doesn’t stop burning.  Moses didn’t know he was seeing the inspiration for gas log fireplaces, he was just seeing something he had never seen before.  His attention had been grabbed by the Almighty God and Moses couldn’t help but go and see more. We all know that God isn’t literally putting burning bushes in front of us anymore, but that doesn’t mean He isn’t attempting to grab our attention each and every day and hour. Let’s today take a good long look around (you actually might already be doing that from Friday’s post about Guesting and Hosting) and see what God is doing in our workplaces that has Him trying to catch our attention.  I’ll guarantee that if you sincerely look, you will see Him today almost like right over there; by what appears to be a burning bush that you never saw before.

Reference: Exodus 3:3 (New Living Translation)