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day 2202: Where We Choose To Sit

“When Moses arrived in Midian, he sat down beside a well.”

It is said that where we sit is where we stand.  So, it becomes important that we choose our “seats” carefully and consciously because we can find ourselves having to stand for something or for someone else only because we sit with or below them organizationally.  We are seeing plenty of that in our culture right now with people who acting out differently because of where they now sit and the fear repercussions if they decide to stand up or stand alone.  This happens all the time within and outside of our companies.  We don’t always get to choose where we will sit, but when we have the chance, then let’s be very cognizant of the choice we are making.

Moses was likely physically thirsty when he decided to sit by the well after traveling to Midian.  But, we come to learn that he was just as emotionally thirsty as he was physically.  And God delivered him all that he needed as he sat by the well.  As we think today about our thirst and depletion; physically, emotionally and spiritually then let’s be sure that we choose to sit at His well for our replenishment.  We have many choices of where to sit.  We can never go wrong if we go back and back to His well!

Reference: Exodus 2:15 (New Living Translation)