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day 2306: He>I

“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and He will give you everything you need.”

Last week Apple delivered a bug in their mobile software that if you tried to type the letter “I”, you got an “A” and a boxed “?” as the replacements for the letter “I”.  And, the kicker is you wouldn’t necessarily know it until after sending the message or posting. This became a trending topic and some even started a meme about it. The best though was on Saturday when the Ohio State Band created their own “I” for “O-H-I-O:







It’s a great reminder for all of us that our mistakes can be the fodder for someone else’s chuckle or our bad publicity. (BTW, you can fix your glitch with a simple software update.)

I also was reminded during all of this that maybe it is not such a bad thing to replace the “I” in our lives.  My Pastor bought me a hoodie a couple of years ago that says, “He>I” on the front.  That stands for “He is greater than I”. During all of the Apple glitch, I actually saw two of the “He>I” bumper stickers within one day, again reminding me that even in the midst of our everyday lives, while we go about our work, within the society and cultures around us, that there is God’s message being sent.  I took this one to heart and decided that maybe God is wants to tell all of us that we are utilizing “I” way too much, and it is time to spend more time on allowing He to be greater than I in all that we do.

Reference:  Luke 12:31 (New Living Translation)